Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi: Which of them is the best?

The summer transfer window is in full swing, and this is the perfect time to see who will be the main stars of the next season. It is now much easier to follow the transfers of the main football stars, as well as the latest news.

This season, the main star of the Old World is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has already managed to become the best player in the world, and now he is trying to become even better.
The transfer window has already seen a lot of interesting events, and it is now easy to follow them on the sports statistics website. Here, you can find the latest information about the transfers, as it is updated in real time.
It is also worth noting that the main transfer of the summer was the signing of the young player from Juventus, who is called as “Ronaldo”. The player is a very talented player, who can become a great player in any team.
This summer, the Portuguese has managed to get a new contract with the team, and he has already scored a lot in the national team. The club has already decided to keep him, and the player will not be able to leave the team. It seems that the player is very motivated, and will do his best to achieve his goals.
In order to follow all the events, you need to go to the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the information about matches of the best teams, as they are held regularly.
Latest news on the transfer market
It has already been a busy summer for the Spanish football, and a lot has happened. The main transfer was the transfer of “Valencia”, which was signed by “Barcelona” player.
“Valencias” is a young player who is able to become a good player in a new team. He has already shown his potential, and already managed not to leave his position in the team in the last season.
Another interesting transfer was that of ‘Barcelona B’, which is a player of the Catalan club. The young player is called “Ricardinho” and he is a striker. He managed to score a lot, and also managed to make the team one of the leaders of the championship.
You can follow the latest events on the website, where all the information is updated regularly. It has a lot to offer, and you will not miss anything important.
Livescore today
The football season is in its last stage, and many teams are trying to get into the Champions League zone. The Spanish football is one of them, and “Real” has already made a lot.
One of the most important transfers was the one of ”Real’s” goalkeeper, who was bought by ”Barcelona “. This player is “Cristhian” Alba, who has already become a very good goalkeeper.
He is able not to miss any save, and has already saved the lives of many players. It was also the first goalkeeper of the team who was able to make a save from the penalty area.
However, “Atletico” also managed a lot this summer, and they bought “Granada” midfielder. The transfer is a good one, as the player has already showed his potential.
Now, the fans can follow livescore today on the site of sports information, where they can find all the latest data.
All the latest results of the Spanish championship
The Spanish championship is now in its final stage, which means that the teams have a lot more chances to get to the Champions league zone. Now, the teams are fighting for places in the zone, and if they can get into it, it will be a real success.
Among the most interesting transfers of this season, we can highlight the ones of ’Real“. The team has managed a good transfer, as Cristhian Alba was bought. The goalkeeper is able, not to make mistakes, and to save the lives.
Also, ”Atletico “has managed to buy a good midfielder, who will help the team to get in the Champions zone. This transfer is the first of many, as this summer the team has bought many players, and we can expect many more in the near future.
Follow the latest livescore results of „Real„ on the web portal, where you can always find the data from the championship of Spain.
Live football scores today
In the summer, many teams have made transfers, and some of them have already managed a positive result. Now it is much easier, as you can follow all their results on the platform of sports.
For example, „Barcelona” managed to sign “Lopetegui” as a coach. The coach has managed the team well, and is able now to give the team a lot and to get out of the group.
There is also a good news for “Juventus” fans, as ”Lopettegui “managed to get the contract extension. The new contract will last for three more years, and after that the team will be able for the first time to buy players.

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