Cristiano Ronaldo and his love for Ferrari

Cristian Ronaldo has been the main star of the Portuguese national team for several years now. The Portuguese player has scored a lot of goals for the team, which is a good proof of his skills.
In the summer, the Portuguese player joined the Royal Club of the Kingdom of Spain. He is the second most expensive footballer in the world, after Lionel Messi.
The club is called ā€œFerrariā€, which means ā€œgoldenā€ in Italian. This club has won many trophies, which can be seen on the website of sports statistics.
Ronaldo has already won the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Super Cup. He has also won the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.
It is worth noting that the Portuguese star has not yet been able to win the FIFA World Player of the Year award. However, he is already one of the most successful football players in the history of the planet.

The Ronaldoā€™s Career
The Portuguese player began his career in the youth team of the Royal club. He played in the team of Cristiano Ronaldo for a few years. The player was quite successful in the national team. He won the European Championship in 2002.
However, Ronaldo left the team for Real Madrid, and then he was not able to achieve success.
After that, he joined Juventus. The club has a good reputation in the Italian championship, and Ronaldo became a star of this team.
He scored a great number of goals, which led to the transfer to the Royal team. The team has won the Europa Cup and Champions League.
Crazy Goals of Cristian Ronaldo
The player scored a number of great goals for Juventus. He scored a hat-trick in the Champions Cup final. He also scored a goal in the Europa league final.
This is a great proof of the great skills of the player. The goals of Ronaldo are amazing, and they are not always the same.
For example, in the season 2002/03, the player scored only 3 goals, and in the following season, he scored a total of 7 goals.
You can find the list of goals of the star of Juventus on the sports statistics website.
Ronaldinho is the third member of the team. This player is a midfielder. He plays in the center of the field.
One of the main goals of this player is the Champions league. The Royal club is one of main favorites of the tournament. The main goal of the club is to win all the trophies of the European championship.
Many people consider Ronaldo as the best player of the world. He was the best scorer of the Champions club in the year 2000.
His goals are not only spectacular, but also very creative.
Facts about Ronaldo
Ronnie was born on February 24, 1990 in Porto, Portugal. His family moved to the city of SĆ£o Paulo in Brazil, when he was a child.
At the age of 13, he was already a member of a football team. At the age 15, he began his football career in Portugal.
During his career, the Ronaldo played for Sporting, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Benagia, and Porto.
Due to his skills, the club Sporting won the Portuguese championship in the first year.
Later, the team won the national championship, too.
When Ronaldo was in his early 20s, he became the best football player of Portugal. He became the champion of the country in the second year. He repeated the feat in the third year. Ronaldo became the top scorer of Portugal in the fourth year. The next year, he won the champion title.
Portugal won the gold medal in the European championships in the fifth year. At that time, Ronaldo was the top football player in the entire world.
Today, the number of Ronaldoā€s goals is increasing. He scores a lot, and he is not the only one who can do this.
Other players also scored goals for Ronaldo. For example, Cristiano has scored 4 goals in the tournament of the Confederations cup.
Most of the goals of Cristalino are spectacular. You can find his goals on the site of sports information.
Future Plans of Ronaldo
After his transfer to Juventus, the star became one of its main stars. He started to score goals regularly. He managed to score a hat trick in the final of the Europa cup. He even scored a penalty kick in the World cup. The success of the Juventus is a proof of Ronaldo’s skills. The star became the main scorer of Juventus, and this is a real proof of himself.
Now, the players of Juventus are very active in the transfer market. They want to buy a good striker, a midfielder, and a defender.
They are also interested in a goalkeeper.
All the players are very motivated by the success of Juventus. They are trying to win trophies, and to get the best players for the club.
So, the future of the Ronaldo is bright. He will become the main striker of the new Juventus.
Main Football Matches of the Season
The season 2018/19 of the Italian Serie A is already in its final stage. The teams are fighting for the title.

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