Arsenal transfer rumors

Arsenal transfer rumors: Real Madrid and Barcelona will make a joint bid for the player

The transfer window has come to an end and the clubs that want to strengthen the lineup of their teams have already started to do their work. It is now very important to see the results of the transfers, as well as to understand the intentions of the clubs.
Real Madrid has already started the work of the summer, as the club has signed the following players:
* Luka Modric;
* Sergio Ramos;
• Marcelo.
The club has already made a number of transfers, which will help the team to fight for the champion title.
Barcelona, on the other hand, has not started the transfer campaign yet, so it is still unclear what the club will do in the summer. However, the club is expected to strengthen its lineup, as it has already managed to do with the signing of the following performers:
• Sergi Roberto;
· Jordi Alba.
All the players of the Catalan club have already managed not to disappoint the fans.

The main transfer of the season for the club was the signing by the player of the “Real”, who will become the main player of “Barcelona”. The transfer was made in the last minute, so the club could not take advantage of it.
However, the player has already proved himself, as he has already scored a number 1 goal in the Champions League. The club has a number 2, who is the young Spanish player, who has already played in the team.
In the summer the club plans to strengthen other positions, so they will make the following transfers:
1. “Valverde” will leave the position of the head coach;
2. ‘Griezmann’ will leave “Liverpool” and join “Atletico” in the next season;
3. The club will buy the player “Lopetegui” from Real.
It is now important to understand what the clubs will do with their players, as they have already spent a lot of money on them.
Livescore today of the most interesting transfers
The livescore today is a great opportunity to follow the latest news, as a lot has already happened in the world of football. The livescore of the latest transfers is a good opportunity to see how the clubs are progressing, as many of them have already won the Champions league.
Among the latest livescore, we can highlight the following:
· signing of ‘Bastos’;

· ‘Lopete’ leaving the position “Roma” to join ‘Barcelona;

· the transfer of ’Griezman’ from “‘Liverpool’” for ‘Atletico;
· signing of Lopetega from ‘Real’ for “Borussia Dortmund”
It should be noted that the clubs have already signed the players, who are already in the squad of the team, so we can expect a good performance in the new season.
You can always follow the livescore on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
Main transfer news of the day
The summer transfer campaign has already brought a lot to the football world. The main transfer that has happened is the signing, by the club “Manchester United” of the player, which is the main star of the club, Cristiano Ronaldo.
‘Manchester United’ has already signed Cristiano, who was the main goal scorer of the Portuguese club. The signing of Cristiano was a great success, as ‘Manchester City’ was not happy with the player.
We can see that the club does not like the player because of his behavior during the match, as his behavior was unacceptable to the fans and the club.
There is a lot that can be learned from the signing. The player is a star, who can help the club to win the Champions trophy. The team has already spent over 100 million euros on the player and it is now clear that the team will not spend any more.
Manchester United will now have a new star, which it can use to win trophies. The star will be able to decide the fate of the game, as there will be a lot in the field.
New livescore for the most important transfers
In addition to the transfers that have already happened, we should also highlight the new transfers that will be made in football.
One of the new players that will help “United” is the player from ”Manchester City.” The player ‘Sevilla’ has already left the club and will join ”United’. The new player will be the main striker of the squad, who should help the player to win more trophies.
Another new player that will make an impact on the football field is the transfer from ’Barcelona.’ The player will join the club from „Real“. The Barcelona player is the second striker of ”Barcelona “and he is the best in the European league.

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